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  Frontier Developments:

    Elite: Dangerous Official Game Site

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    Sidewinder Owner's Manual

    Pilot's Guide

    A Beginner's Guide



    Wikia Elite: Dangerous Wiki

            Star Systems




    Gamepedia Elite: Dangerous Wiki

    Lave Wiki Elite Wiki


  Tools:  (Some of these tools may be broken since the introduction of Beta 2)

    Chango Dock route planner

    Slopey's Best Profit Calculator

    Thrudd's Trade Query


  Groups, alliances, tribes, clans and guilds:

    Elite Palawa Tribe - PvE roleplaying tribe

    Galactic Intelligence Agency - Federation covert ops

    The Relentless - Villains of the Elite:Dangerous Universe

     Na’Ama Wing - Deep Space Exploration & Logistics


  Role Playing:

    Elite Encounters RPG (Official Elite: Dangerous tabletop Role Playing Game)

    FEU (Frontier Elite Universe) TERPS (The Elite Role Playing System)

    A great explanation about Role Playing by Arkady Sadik of EVE Online's Electus Matari Alliance


  Elite Fiction:


        The Dark Wheel (Robert Holdstock, 1984 - Original Elite)

        Imprint (Andy Redman, 1991 - Elite Plus)

        Stories of Life on the Frontier (various authors, 1993 - Frontier: Elite 2)

        Further Stories of Life on the Frontier (various authors, 1995 - Frontier: First Encounters)



        Elite: Legacy (Michael Brookes)

        Official Elite: Dangerous Books by Fantastic Book Publishing

                Reclamation (Drew Wagar)

                Mostly Harmless (Kate Russel)

                Lave Revolution (Allen Stroud)

                Tales From The Frontier (various authors)

                Out Of The Darkness (T. James)

                And Here The Wheel (John Harper)

        Official Elite: Dangerous Books by Gollancz / Orion Publishing Group

                Docking is Difficult (Gideon Defoe)

                Wanted (Gavin Deas)

                Nemorensis (Simon Spurrier)



        Elite & Frontier Timeline  (This timeline also contains Oolite events, which do not belong to Elite's canon)

        Drew Wagar's Oolite Saga (four books)

        Frontierverse: Why Did The Groigan Dance?

        Huge Plasma Accelerator (HPA) Saga

        Selezen's Elite Fiction Page

        Mostly Deadly (Marc Beaumont)

        Alien Items (collection of Oolite short stories, edited by Drew Wagar)

        The Commander's Guide to the Galaxy

        Elite: Dangerous Fan Creation Stuff Index



    GalNet: official in-game news

    Lave Radio

    Elite Pilot News Network

    Orion Arm News



    EDTracker: open source 3-axis head tracking



    Ian Bell's Elite Home Page

    Elite Archives

    Oolite: Open Source Clone of the Original Elite with hundreds of Expansion Packs

    Pioneer: Open Source Clone of Frontier: Elite II

    FFED3DAJ is an updated/modded version of Frontier: First Encounters for present-day computers.

    FrontierAstro: Elite, Frontier & Astronomy

    Elite: Dangerous Webring

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