Friday, April 20, 3304


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Inn Keeper
Posts: 5
Posted on Fri Dec 26, 3300 8:47 pm

Closing time!

What do I find here? Well, well, interesting!

Now where did I leave that note from the man who wears dark glasses when he is inside... to that... what did they call him? Old bore, chief of something.

Do I get mouth to mouth publicity among the weirdo community, or what?

It keeps surprizing me what I find here while putting the chairs on the table. Hmmm, this may be worth something to somebody.

-- twelve hours later --

We're Open. Best Teveriian Evil Juice from beyond the other side of Riedquat and back!

So... what do you think about lady Arissa Lavigny suddenly becoming heir to the Imperial throne? Or you want to discuss something else?

Inn Keeper
Posts: 5
Posted on Tue Jun 21, 3302 10:06 pm

Time to clean up the Astronavigator's Map Screen. Not that anybody looked at it the past year...

Business is not too good. Since the Federation has taken over the station, and with the shenanigans by Mahon, most of my usual clients have gone. Haven't seen anybody from that old Relentless gang in ages - never expected I would ever miss those scroundrels, ha! Fortunately, there are now the Morgor Crimson Pirates, they keep this inn afloat... just.

Now, where are those crates of Teveriian Evil Juice? Right, still in my T6 cargo hold. That reminds me, I should fly to Chango to get me some fish.


Lakon Type 6

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