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In the mean time, you can visit our old site on, or visit us on INARA.

We also have a presence in Dual Universe.

The Winged Cobra Tribe [WCOT] was founded by Roleplaying Nomadic Spacefarers during the 2014 Beta phase of Elite: Dangerous.

We allied with the Elite Palawa tribe (a.k.a the Remnants of Achenar) in 3300.
The Palawa have since then retreated into deep space and are presumed to be extinct, but there are also rumours that they are still out there biding their time.

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Together with The Relentless, the Galactic Intelligence Agency,
Na’Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration & Logistics, and the Blue Orchid Network
we established the Komodo Collective of Elite Player Groups.
We organized and participated in several RP events among the Komodo groups during Beta, Gamma, and shortly after Launch.
Recruiting new members after Launch however proved difficult, and these once mighty organizations are now merely a distant memory.

Netcode Frenzy announcement 2014

Operation Asteroid Ambush  announcement 2014

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